Minou Foadi


Obituary published in the British Medicial Journal. See pdf: bmj.o2555.full

A Persian copy of ‘The History of the Baha’i Faith in Khorasan’ by Hasan Fuadi Bushrui, edited and annotated by Minou Foadi and Fereydun Vahman. Published by Satrap Publishing London, 2022. Second revised edition. Khorasan Text . Also see English introduction.

English translations of chapter 2 (The Babis of Khurasan) and chapter 3 (Mashhad’s history 1847-76) – provisional translations by the late Ahang Rabbani

Contents pages of Khoosh-i-Ha’i Az, published by the Society for Persian Arts and Letters, London, volumes 17-20 (in Persian). A fantastic resource are the full contents from all volumes on bahai-library.com


Some personal reflections on Minou Foadi’s life on the occasion of her funeral in March 2022. And Mina’s introductory remarks.

Eulogy to Saradj Avaregan on the occasion of his memorial on 27th September 2020 (by Minou Foadi)