Personal Baha’i studies page

Some contributions – mostly from many moons ago.

Just completed a draft in May 2020 on The prisms of World Order magazine: The prisms of World Order magazine: impact, contributions and the enduring legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright’s cover design. It is mainly an overview of the intellectual contributions of World Order magazine that includes a discussion how Frank Lloyd Wright came to design a cover for its precursor, and it’s influence on subsequent covers.

Another recentish paper is from 2018: ‘Baha’i studies at the crossroads: key papers and developments in the Baha’i Studies Review 1990-2002“.

‘Baha’i health initiatives in Iran: a preliminary survey’ in The Bahá’ís of Iran: Socio-historical Studies, ed. DB Brookshaw & SB Fazel, pages 122-140. Routledge, 2008:

Baha’i approaches to Christianity and Islam: further thoughts on developing an inter-religious dialogue. Baha’i Studies Review 14 (2007):

‘Understanding exclusivist texts’ (which examines how Baha’i thought might respond to exclusivist texts in Christianity, and also provides a framework with which to understand apparently exclusivist texts in Baha’i scriptures). In: Scripture and Revelation, ed. M Momen. George Ronald, 1997: