Personal Baha’i studies page

Some contributions – mostly from many moons ago.

I have recently written a history of the Baha’i Faith in Europe for The World of the Baha’i Faith, ed. Robert Stockman (Routledge 2022) (link for final accepted version). Includes new statistics on numbers and growth.

I’ve written a paper on the fascinating history of World Order magazine as part of an attempt to document the intellectual history of the Baha’i community in the West. World Order was a periodical that was published mostly quarterly from 1966 to 2008 (in its second iteration). The draft paper is: The prisms of World Order magazine: impact, contributions and the enduring legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright’s cover design.

The piece is mainly an overview of the intellectual contributions of World Order and by extension the Baha’i community of the period but also includes a discussion how Frank Lloyd Wright came to design a cover for its precursor, and its influence on subsequent covers.

Another recent paper examines the intellectual history of the Baha’i community by examining a more academically oriented journal, the Baha’i Studies Review (which I co-edited for many years): Baha’i studies at the crossroads: key papers and developments in the Baha’i Studies Review 1990-2002

An older paper that might interest:

‘Baha’i health initiatives in Iran: a preliminary survey’ in The Bahá’ís of Iran: Socio-historical Studies, ed. DB Brookshaw & SB Fazel, pages 122-140. Routledge, 2008: