Seena Fazel

Senior Clinical Research Fellow, University of Oxford, Department of Psychiatry, Warneford Hospital, Oxford OX3 7JX

Honorary Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Research Interests

Epidemiology of mental illness and violent crime, risk factors for violent crime in mental illness, violence risk assessment, mental disorders in homicide and sexual offenders, risk factors for repeat offending.
Funded by the Wellcome Trust

Mental health of prisoners, mental health of older prisoners, suicidal behaviour in prisoners, risk factors for self-harm and suicide in prisoners, adverse outcomes in recently released prisoners.
Funded by the Wellcome Trust and NIHR

Capacity and competence including fitness to plead and stand trial, capacity to complete advance directives, capacity/competence to consent to treatment.
Funded by NIHR

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Latest Publications

Violence and mental illness

1. Witt K, van Dorn R, Fazel S. (2013) Risk factors for violence in psychosis: systematic review and meta-regression analysis of 110 studies. PLoS One 8(2):e55942. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0055942.

2. Lichtenstein P, Halldner L, Zetterqvist J, Sjölander A, Serlachius E, Fazel S, Långström N, Larsson H. (2012) Medication for Attention Deficit–Hyperactivity Disorder and Criminality. N Engl J Med, 367: 2006-14.

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8. Topiwala A, Fazel S. (2011) The pharmacological management of violence in schizophrenia: a structured review. Expert Rev Neurother, 11: 53-63(11).

Prisoner mental health

9. Zlodre J, Fazel S. (2012) All-Cause and External Mortality in Released Prisoners: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Am J Public Health, 102: e67-e75.

10. Fazel S, Seewald K. (2012) Severe mental illness in 33 588 prisoners worldwide: systematic review and meta-regression analysis. Br J Psychiatry, 200: 364-73.

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12. Rivlin A, Fazel S, Marzano L, Hawton K. (2012) Studying survivors of near-lethal suicide attempts as a proxy for completed suicide in prisons. Forensic Sci Int, 220(1-3): 19-26.

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18. Marzano L, Hawton K, Rivlin A, Fazel S. (2011) Psychosocial influences on prisoner suicide: A case-control study of near-lethal self-harm in women prisoners. Soc Sci Med, 72: 874-883.

Violence risk assessment

19. Fazel S, Singh JP, Doll H, Grann M. (2012) Use of risk assessment instruments to predict violence and antisocial behaviour in 73 samples involving 24 827 people: systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ, 345:e4692.

20. Singh JP, Fazel S, Gueorguieva R, Buchanan A. (2012) Rates of Sexual Recidivism in High Risk Sex Offenders: A Meta-analysis of 10,422 Participants. Sexual Offender Treatment, 7.

21. Singh JP, Grann M, Lichtenstein P., Långström N, Fazel S. (2012) A novel approach to determining violence risk in schizophrenia: developing a stepped strategy in 13,806 discharged patients. PLoS One, 7e31727.

22. Singh JP, Serper M, Reinharth J, Fazel S. (2011) Structured assessment of violence risk in schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders: A systematic review of the validity, reliability, and item content of 10 available instruments. Schizophr Bull, 37: 899-912.

23. Singh J, Grann M, Fazel S. (2011) A comparative study of violence risk assessment tools: A systematic review and metaregression analysis of 68 studies involving 25,980 participants. Clin Psychol Rev, 31: 499-513.

Other topics

24. Beijer U, Wolf A, Fazel S. (2012) Prevalence of tuberculosis, hepatitis C virus, and HIV in homeless people: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Lancet Infect Dis, 12(11): 859-70.

25. Goldacre MJ, Fazel S, Smith F, Lambert T. (2012) Choice and rejection of psychiatry as a career: surveys of UK medical graduates from 1974 to 2009. Br J Psychiatry. doi:10.1192/bjp.bp.112.111153

Selected Publications

Fazel S, Lichtenstein P, Grann M, Goodwin G, Långström N. (2010) Bipolar disorder and violent crime: new evidence from population-based longitudinal studies and systematic review. Archives of General Psychiatry, 67: 931-938.

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The prevalence of intellectual disabilities among 12,000 prisoners - a systematic review.
Int J Law Psychiatry. 2008 Aug-Sep;31(4):369-73. View or Download PDF

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Fazel S. Mental health assessment. In: Cambridge Handbook of Forensic Psychology (Cambridge University Press, 2010)

Fazel S, Chhabra P. Elderly prisoners. In: Psychiatry in Prisons: a comprehensive handbook. Ed. S Wilson, I Cumming (London: Jessica Kingsley Publications, 2010)

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Hayes A, Fazel S. Elderly prisoners. In: Good practice in safeguarding adults: working effectively in adult protection. (Jessica Kingsley Publications, 2008)

Other activities:

Associate editor, Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology

Editorial board, BMC International Health and Human Rights

Editorial board, Iranian Journal of Psychiatry

Psychiatrist member of Mental Health Reference Group, NACRO

Committee Member, Law and Ethics Section, World Psychiatric Association

Co-author of Continuing Professional Education module on Suicides in Prison hosted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK (2010):

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